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6 Great Website Design Principles 2017

10 Great Website Design Principles 2017


1. Rather than using a full outer glow on your boxes I suggest using a small drop shadow. Not only does it look more professional, it makes the boxes pop but still look part of the content.

Shiney ButtonShiney Button

2. Taking care in small details like hover transitions can go a long way.

Grey Text

Saturated Text

3. Grey text on a coloured background tends to look a little off. Try using a less saturated variant of the background colour.

No Text ShadowSlight Text Shadow

4. In conjunction with saturated text, use a slight text shadow on text with a contrasting background to help with readability.

Black on White Black on White

5. To ease the strain of reading full black on full white, offset them slightly. In addition make headings slightly darker than paragraph text to show heirachy.

Icon Offset Icon Offset

6. Icons the same colour as the text can look a bit over powering. Try slightly lighting icons to even out the balance.