Website Tips

Why is having good website design important?

Why good web design matters

You will gain more credibility and business.

As the use of the internet increases having a website your clients can rely on is becoming more and more important. With the absence of one your potential clients will go to your competitors for business (who wants that!?). Having a bad/home-made website can be even worse for your business than having none at all.

How many times have you gone to buy something off a website and thought ‘this looks shady’ because it looked like it was designed in the 90’s?

Apples website from 2012
Apple’s website from 2012.
Apple now
Apple’s current website.

Imagine if Apple’s website still looked like it did back in 2012. It’s not exactly that old, but In the world of design it is. It look’s very similar to some scam pop-ups i’ve seen recently. Their sales would drop tremendously!

According to a study done by Stanford University, 75% of web users judge a website’s credibility based on it’s design alone and that opinion is formed within 5 milliseconds. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but ultimately it’s in our nature.

A great way to gain credibility and trust from your customers is to have a well designed, modern and written website with high quality images. Using things like testimonials, reviews, and even an about/team page can do wonders.

The web is shifting to mobile.

When comparing both the Apple and Adobe websites to their 2012 versions it’s easy to tell that they were made without taking different device sizes in mind, because back then browsing on mobile wasn’t as big as it is today. In a study done by Statista only 10.7% of web usage was done via mobile. Now in 2017, 50.3% is done via mobile.

Adobe 2012
Adobe’s website from 2012.
Adobe now
Adobe’s current website.

User Experience.

Gomez published a report in 2010 stating that 88% of customers will never return to a website if they consider it to be badly designed and even expressed a negative reaction to the businesses brand it’s self. Aside from desktop/mobile optimised design one of the main user experience down falls is load time. 40% of users will choose another site on google if the web page takes more than 3 seconds to load.